Hebei Hongyan Cultural Stone operate the every kind of and natural plank rock for the profession that lord company. In the building world, profession the design personnel, development company established the good cooperation colleague the relation with contractor. Hebei Hongyan Cultural Stone absorbed in to look for for building(park) designer the natural material have to express the dint of the adornment, for developping company look for can now the building innate intelligence spread to stick the material with the pleasant impression, and look for the quality the low price through the material of long heavy duty building for contractor. The natural plank rock is then its ancient is cultured, have the special features, return to return the advantage of the nature but deep construct the liking of commerce, river the fossil of north and great rock text in the natural plank rock to mine, develop with process the aspect to very have the advantage. With the period natural plank rock for for customer providing the product assorting, color plentifulness, quantity bestly, providing goods guaranteeing, service be satisfied withing product.

Hebei Hongyan Cultural Stone exploitation in the mine that the hundred million year ago become bed, because of its have the characteristic plank the shape structure- plank texture. It is past to not only easy to split the cent, but also split the minutes to veins the plentifulness along the plank texture, plank rock the construction is fine. Its special layer shape plank texture, come to a decision the fold strength(bent strength) of its anti- higher than the granite, anti- press the strength with bear to whet the rate to lie in the granite rock with the marble's. And absorb water the rate low, the acid-proof is good, not easy morals and custom, heat-proof bear cold, in really house, ground, indoors the outside wall is very the ideal building decorate the material. In Western Europe, beautiful add, Japan wait to prosper the nation quilt extensive application of large quantity in in the different building. Such as the outside wall, indoors adornment, indoors in ground and wall the ground decorate, the roof cover tile, building essay, a swimming pool...etc.. Hebei Hongyan Cultural Stone include the sandstone, plank rock , quartz rock, rust plank, tile plank, fungus stone, color strip brick, disorderly form, artistic stone, rain stone, cobble, yellow cere stone, stone rice etc. the category with rain to assort, the stock is abundant, complete with everything.

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